The Measurements Department of e-MIND uses state-of-the-art equipment to conduct in-situ measurements according to European and International standards. For measurements where laboratory analyses of the samples are required, the analyses are conducted at the environmental laboratories of ΤUV Suddeutschland in Munich and Donzdorf, Germany, accredited according to EN ISO 17025.


The Service Department of e-MIND employees experienced technicians capable of maintaining, repairing and calibrating a wide range of instruments. Utilizing standard instruments /methods and calibration gases traceable to national /international standards, our Service Department is able to keep our (measurement department’s) and customers’ instruments in excellent working condition and is capable of providing calibration certificates traceable to national /international standards.


The Applied Energy Technologies Department of e-MIND, in collaboration with the Austrian company Riebenbauer, implements studies for Renewable Energy Sources. This includes the study, planning and implementation of technologies for Photovoltaic Systems, Solar Systems, heating from Factory Waste-Heat and energy production from Renewable Energy Sources.


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